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Well, hello!

Hi, how are ya? I'm Kestra!

I help leaders and executives develop an innovative and inclusive work community and culture, foster loyalty, and use inclusive leadership to grow their business.

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You can have on-demand access to powerful and unique virtual leadership development that will help you enhance your:
Inclusive Leadership Skills  |  Organizational Culture  |  Business Productivity  |  & More!

How many times have you expected to experience a memorable leadership development class you attended, only to find out it was just like the last one? Or tried to access information from one, only to find out you can't. 

If you understand where I'm coming from, keep reading!

Training classes on inclusive leadership and developing an innovative organizational culture can be memorable, personable, and transformative for you and your team members.

Are you ready to get access?

Inclusive Leadership Development on Another Level!

You've probably hired External leadership Trainers or Consultants, but you fall short with originality or continuous Access to training for your team.

This is time-consuming, less sustainable, and sometimes monotonous.

You don't need to spend time tracking down and surveying trainers with similar training tactics every quarter to fulfill your DEI goals or even provide you with powerful training.

Now more than ever is it important for leaders and executives to have inclusive leadership training  that is available virtually and engaging!

With access to this impactful inclusive leadership development program, you'll automatically set you and your team up for long-term success and growth.

Establish yourself as a  leader who is energetic and prepared to administer necessary learning and development, and provide your team with the tools they need for uninhibited success and innovation.

If you're not ready to dive into a full-length step-by-step training program, I get it. 


Download One of My Mini Lessons to Activate, Accelerate, and Champion Your Diversity and Inclusion Goals.


Get Started with Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership 101:

Introductory Lesson


Get Started with

Building an inclusive Work Culture

Building Community in the Workplace Introductory Lesson


Through her personal experiences and human research, Kestra uncovered the components needed to create a strong sense of camaraderie, unity and community among a large group of people, despite cultural, social and physical differences.

She proves that even the most disconnected communities can regenerate themselves with the correct tools, and move away from being an unattached group of people and toward being an inclusive, innovative, and profitable community.

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by Kes James

This podcast educates and entertains you on topics of Culture and Community in the African Diaspora, featuring the Afro-German community in the first season. Tune in now!

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