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it's time to
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leadership to the next level...

Leadership Development Programs at your fingertips!

Get on-demand access to transformative inclusive leadership development that will help you elevate your

Inclusive Leadership Skills  |  Organizational Culture  |  Business Productivity  |  & More!

Are you ready to get access?

So, Who Is This Program For?

This program is made for someone who is...

Passionate about increasing their knowledge, skills and effectiveness in Inclusive Leadership.

Tired of taking months to find a trainer that's only partially effective.


Ready for the flexibility and freedom of using transformative online training materials when you need to.

Tired of not seeing results from your inclusive leadership trainings.

Ready to use a training program that promotes deep and meaningful conversations about race, culture, and society.

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The practice of Inclusive Leadership directly correlates to levels of innovation, productivity, motivation, and more in team members. Learn how to develop a leadership style that heightens your organizational culture to uninhibited levels, builds long-lasting loyalty, and propels innovation to meet and exceed your goals!

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7+ hours of interactive developmental videos | Language: English

 What Are You Getting With This Program?

​Information Vault: Educational videos on how to: A) Support and empower a diverse team and B) Understand, implement and reap the business benefits of Inclusive Leadership. Valued: $9,000
BONUS: Printable worksheets, quizzes, activity guides and self reflections for each module. Valued: $4,000
BONUS: A one-on-one development session with Kestra. Valued: $15,000
BONUS: Access to a community of learners like you in the Learners Lab. Valued: $10,000
BONUS: Life-long access to the course materials. Valued: Priceless

From Absent To Active: A Full Guide To Inclusive Leadership And Empowering A Diverse Team Of Intellectuals

Presale ends July 1, 2021

What makes this 
Inclusive Leadership Development program

different from others?

1. More Access: This is an e-course, so you pay one time and get 24/7 access to the learning portal, for life!

2. The Course Framework: Each module gives you the opportunity for growth through analyzing aspects of U.S. culture, from popular culture to the job market. 

3. Time-Saving: Get back the time you've used searching for the right inclusive leadership training.

4. The Bonuses: In addition to the course materials, you get access to other amazing tools to help you implement your inclusive leadership skills in the workplace.

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