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About Kestra Jeri Travel

My Story

My name is Kestra Jeri and I’m the creator of this travel-focused website. I am also the founder of The Travel Tribe, a travel club that helps people experience new cultures and explore the world beyond resorts in the most stress-free way possible.

After living in Germany for 4 months in 2018 and earning a masters degree in Global Media & Culture in 2020, I fell in love with seeing the world and wanted to share everything I was experiencing with people who have a wanderlust like me. I created my travel club to help turn tourists into travelers, get people away from the resorts, and curate once in a lifetime experiences by diving into local culture.


Beyond my travel club, I use my blog, KesTravels to share travel tips, hacks and recommendations with my audience. I'm constantly finding new ways to share what I've learned about the world.

I believe that traveling can inspire our perspectives on the world and help you learn more about your own beliefs. World travel has changed my life, built my confidence and helped me connect with people I never thought I would have the privilege to meet.

I hope you join me and the Travel Tribe on our next world adventure, and that I continue to inspire you to discover the world around you!

My Love for Culture Runs Deep

The landscapes and beautiful scenery always draw me in, but what makes me cherish my travels the most are the people, stories, and traditions I get to witness while traveling the world. It's such a blessing to experience the most authentic and rich parts of who people are and where they come from.  

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