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There's nothing quite like African Luxury! The Travel Tribe is headed to...

Tanzania & Zanzibar

September 1-10, 2023 | 10 Days/9 Nights
All-Inclusive Group Trip

*Meals, transportation, lodging, services and activities mentioned in itinerary below.

Full Itinerary

Home of The Great Migration, breathtaking beaches and enlightening Trans-Atlantic slave history. You ready?!
There are limited spots available, on a first come, first served basis. You must be at least 21 years of age to attend the trip. Make sure you and your travel friends sign up before spots fill up.

This trip will sell out! 

 Day 1 | Welcome to Dar es Salaam!

Once you arrive at Julius Nyerere, I'll pick you up and we'll take a private ride to our hotel in Dar es Salaam. You'll have the rest of the evening to settle into your private suite (because you deserve it), grab some food and take in the fact that you made it to Tanzania.
***Dinner included.

 Day 2 | Off to Zanzibar

We'll spend the morning traveling to Zanzibar by boat and enjoying the views of the Indian Ocean. Once we arrive, we'll settle into our home for the next 4 days and get unpacked. We'll meet up for dinner at The Rock - a famous location on the island for delicious food and entertainment.
***Breakfast & Dinner included.

 Day 3 & 4 | Time to Explore Zanzibar

Day 3 will be focused on diving into the culture and history of Zanzibar and exploring major landmarks of the island. Day 4 will be more relaxed and adventurous, with an all day excursion of Zanzibar's beaches and marine life. 
***Breakfast & Lunch included.

 Day 5 | Do Your Own Thing

Today is all about what you want to do! Take this day to recharge, explore more parts of Zanzibar, or have a lazy beach day. It's completely up to you.
***Breakfast included.

 Day 8 | Traditional Tanzanian Dinner

We'll head back to the mainland today and enjoy views of the Indian Ocean for the last time on this trip. Once we settle into our hotel in Dar es Salaam, we'll head to the home a local family where we'll enjoy dinner time with them. This will be a true taste of Tanzanian culture!
***Breakfast & Dinner included.

 Day 6-7 | African Wildlife Exploration

If you've ever wanted to see lions, elephants and giraffes in an African Safari, this is your chance! We'll be spending 1 night of luxury camping in the heart of the Mikumi National Park - home to thousands of majestic mammals. 
***Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner included.


 Day 9 | Do Your Own Thing

It's our last full day in Tanzania so go explore or relax as much as possible before your departure. You're free to do your own things today, so I encourage you to go grab that souvenir or meal you've been want to get the entire trip. Or stay with the group and explore together.
***Breakfast included.

 Day 10 | Not Goodbye, But See You Later!

We'll head to Julius Nyerere to catch your return flight home. Arrival to the airport today depends on departure times for the majority of the group. 
***Breakfast included.

What's Included?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at local hidden gems (mentioned in itinerary)

Gratuities for our drivers, tips and tolls

International Flight Booking Assistance



Private Airport Pickup & Drop-off 

4 nights at Sandies Baobab Resort  (Single occupancy)

1 night at the Mikumi National Park (Luxury camping, Single occupancy)

4 nights at the Serena Hotel (Single occupancy)

Entry fees for all activities outlined in itinerary


What's Not Included?

International Flights & Travel Insurance (Including any Covid Testing), extras not listed on the itinerary (additional alcohol, some meals)


Payment Options
Pay in Full or Do a Payment Plan with Affirm

Payment Plan with Affirm: You must have an Affirm account to use the payment plan. Affirm may charge you additional fees. These fees are not included in the price of the trip.



Per Person

If you miss the sign-up period for this trip, check out what other group trips are coming up and put a reminder in your calendar so you can secure your spot next time! 


See What Other People Said About Traveling With Me!

"I've known Kestra for a long time and I've traveled with her to many places.
It's always a blast!" 

Halle N. (Italy, Germany, Netherlands)

"The trip to Miami was one to remember - riding bikes at night through the city was so much fun! I'd never done anything like that before..." 
Alyssa B. (Miami)

"We explored so much of Havana... Kestra is THE best person to travel with! I can't wait for the next trip!" 
Taela B. (Cuba)

Covid Protocols in Tanzania & Zanzibar

The U.S. CDC will no longer require air passengers traveling from a foreign country to the United States to show a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board their flight.


However, Tanzania Covid-19 levels are high and therefore it is required that you test negative for Covid-19 at least 3 days prior to departure or have proof of vaccination. Tourists testing positive for COVID-19 while in Tanzania may be issued a quarantine order.

Tanzania & Zanzibar FAQ

Is it safe for black and brown people?


Who can attend this trip?

Anyone above the age of 21 can attend this trip.

What currency is used in Tanzania? Should I exchange money at the airport?

The Tanzanian Shilling. If you need extra cash, exchange money at home before departure or in the airport. 

How do I pack for this trip?

Tanzania lies on the Equator, so pack for warm, dry weather. You'll get a packing checklist of all the things you need at our group pre-departure meeting.

Is the LGBTQ+ community safe in Tanzania?

Yes, but it is strongly advised to NOT show any displays of affection publicly with your same-sex partner. 

What airport do I fly into when I arrive to Tanzania?

Julius Nyerere International Airport in the city of Dar es Salaam.

Do I need any vaccinations or shots before I arrive in Tanzania?

Yes. On top of your routine vaccinations, it is highly recommended to get Typhoid, Malaria, and Rabies vaccinations. 

Should I buy a phone plan?

No, I have a hack for this I'll give you at the pre-departure meeting. 

If you're ready for your next adventure with me, then let's lock in! Secure your spot by clicking the button below. You'll then be guided to a link to pay your non-refundable deposit. You'll also need to agree to the Terms & Conditions and put a card on file for the scheduled payment drafts. Additionally, you'll need to sign a travel agreement.

Please feel free to ask me any questions at I cannot wait to turn all the way up in Italy with you, this trip will be one for the books!

Need more details on the trip before you commit?
Schedule an interest meeting with me!


Per Person

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