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A Mini Travel Guide - Beaches Turks & Caicos All Inclusive Resort

Updated: Jul 11

Woman standing on the beach with a sun hat in bathing suit in Turks & Caicos Kestra Jeri Travel

I almost never travel out of the country just to sit at a beach and relax for 5 days straight. It's not how I like to travel, not because it isn't enjoyable, but because I love immersing myself in local culture when I leave the U.S.. I can lounge on a beach and sip cocktails back home.

So when I booked my stay at the prestigious Beaches Turks & Caicos All-Inclusive Resort for a family vacation, I wasn't sure how I'd like the experience. Let me tell y'all! I was IN LOVE with this resort.

Not only was the property stunning and the views immaculate, but the activities and the service was top tier. If you're looking for a relaxing getaway in Turks & Caicos and you want everything taken care of, this is the place to go.

Beaches already has a pretty strong reputation in the resort industry when it comes to luxury experiences, relaxation, and family-friendly options. It was the best option for my family vacation, since we had 3 little ones under the age of 5 with us.

So with that being said, here's a mini travel guide to the Beaches Turks & Caicos All-Inclusive Resort, where I'll break down what it's like staying here and give my recommendations and tips!

Blog Contents

  1. Arriving at the Resort

  2. Villages at Beaches

  3. Dining and Cuisine

  4. Activities and Entertainment

  5. Family-Friendly Features

  6. Exploring the Area

  7. Planning and Booking Tips

Boat at the shoreline in Turks and Caicos Kestra Jeri Travel


Arriving at the Resort

2-way airport transportation is included in your purchase. (Thankfully!) Beaches is only a short 15-minute ride from the airport, and less without traffic. Here's what you can expect when you arrive at the Providenciales Airport:

  • There is a section outside the airport terminal for resort arrivals, and you'll receive a confirmation number for transportation once you check in with the Beaches crew on-site.

  • You'll wait in a line (length depends on when you land) until your number is called.

  • You may have to ride with people who are not staying at Beaches or in your party.

  • Arrival to Beaches depends on the order you're dropped off in.

  • All luggage is handled by the transportation driver, and they will have plenty of space for extra suitcases or strollers.

Our ride was smooth and the driver was cracking jokes the whole time. Since we had small children with us, he made sure the kids also felt included and safe during the ride. 10/10 service, although I do wish our transportation was completely private.

Lounge chair on the beach with blue skies Turks and Caicos

Villages at Beaches

There are multiple villages you can stay in at Beaches T&C, and the prices for each of these areas vary. We stayed in Italian Village, which is located at the center of the property and has the largest resort-style pool on the resort. It's also where a lot of the late-night activities are held. Here's a list of the villages you can stay in:

  • Italian Village - the busiest area of the resort, lots of activities, entertainment, and numerous bars.

  • French Village - furthest from the shoreline, a quieter area on the resort, with adult only areas.

  • Key West Village - more mature, stylish area of the resort, with adult only areas and infant daycare. (my personal favorite when it comes to style & architecture; pictured below)

  • Caribbean Village - most affordable lodging of the resort, near lot's of activities, bars and kids daycare.

  • Seaside Village - beachfront rooms, with adult only areas, numerous bars and activities.

As of April 2023, there is new construction past Seaside Village for a more upscale, adult friendly village. Stay tuned for updates on that!

All the villages have various accommodation styles, including private villas, balcony rooms, beachfront rooms, adjoined rooms and more. When we picked Italian Village, it was mainly because of its centralized location on the resort. We had a 10-minute walk maximum to any activities we did, which was nice!

Italian Village at Beaches All Inclusive Resort in Turks and Caicos

Dining and Cuisine

There are over 20 different dining options on the property so I won't list them all here. I will give you the details on my top 4 spots though! I prefer food that may not look good, but tastes amazing! I'm also a sucker for an unbeatable view, so these recommendations are based on those factors. Remember, everything at Beaches is all inclusive so you can splurge at meal times, which I did!

  • Schooners - my favorite restaurant out of all the ones listed below. Gorgeous views of the beach with seafood fares. If you love friend fish like me, try the Fish Escovitch and thank me later!

  • Barefoot by the Sea - great for breakfast/brunch. A beautiful location with good meals, and the service here is always spectacular.

  • Sky Restaurant - if you're looking for date night vibes, this is the place to go. They have a delicious menu with unbeatable rooftop views of the shoreline.

  • Neptunes - another great location with beach views and good eats. The service here was a bit slower, but I blame that on island time.

Honorable Mentions: The Jerk Shack - it was temporarily closed during my visit but all the workers at Beaches recommended it.

Sailboat in Turks and Caicos

Activities and Entertainment

The variety of activities here is quite impressive! Anything from water sports to karaoke to clubbing, they have it! The resort provides a weekly schedule for activities that they share with guests so you'll know what's going on while you're there.

I personally loved this, because on those days where I didn't know what to do, there was a full list of options for me to pick from. Some of my favorite activities were:

  • Snorkeling

  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride

  • Resort Parade & Carnival

  • Karaoke

  • Salsa Dancing

  • The Water Park

The only thing they don't have, which wasn't an issue for me, is a casino. You won't have a casino on-property at Beaches T&C, but there are casinos in the area. I recommend Casablanca Casino and The Ritz-Carlton Casino.

Biggest waterpark in turks and Caicos at Beaches resort

Family-Friendly Features

If you have small children or even teenagers joining you on your visit to Beaches, you have nothing to worry about. You'll be able to enjoy yourself while feeling confident that the younger ones will be safe and have a good time too. Beaches T&C offers:

  • A supervised kids club

  • Teen center and arcade

  • 9AM-4PM infant care services

  • 9AM-4PM childcare services

  • Family-oriented entertainment like Family Feud and Sesame Street Breakfast

I know my sister really appreciated the childcare services and my nieces always came back from day camp excited and ready for the next day!

Kestra Jeri on the beach in Turks and Caicos

Exploring the Area

If you walk about 20 minutes down the shoreline, you'll be at a local national park where you can snorkel and see the beautiful coral reefs of Turks & Caicos. Did you know they have the second largest coral reef in the world?!

It's best to arrive at the national park as early as possible in the morning if you want to see turtles, colorful fish, crabs, and other wildlife. As the day warms up and more people come to the reefs, the animals tend to recede back into the ocean and hide until sundown.

You can grab some free snorkeling equipment and life vests from Beaches if you decide to explore the reefs. This was by far my favorite part of the trip, so if you're adventurous, do this!


Overall, Beaches turks & Caicos is a premier destination for a stress-free, family friendly but lit vacation in a tropical paradise. I'm counting the days til I'm back on those beautiful beaches. Me and my family created some lifelong memories during our trip that I'm so grateful for.

If you end up staying at this resort, let me know how your experience goes in the comments. Talk soon!

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