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About Kestra Jeri Travel

Founded in 2022, Kestra Jeri Travel is a travel club and trip organizing agency providing all-inclusive, culturally-immersive international travel experiences! We emphasize having adventures beyond the resorts & beaches, making sure our customer has culturally authentic, adventurous and unique experiences that create lifelong memories.​At Kestra Jeri Travel, we believe that traveling can inspire our perspectives on the world and help us learn more about our own beliefs. World travel changed the life of our founder, Kestra, built her confidence and helped her connect with people she never would have the privilege to meet if it wasn't for traveling.


Our Love for Culture Runs Deep

The landscapes and beautiful scenery of a new country will always draw you in, but what makes you cherish the travel memories most?
For us, it's the people we meet, stories we hear, and traditions we witness while traveling the world.

Our Goal As A Travel Agency

One of our biggest goals as a travel agency and tour organizer is helping turn the average tourist into a culturally-accepting traveler. And how are we doing this? By getting you away from the americanized resorts, and curating once in a lifetime experiences and diving into the local culture. With every group tour and every customized itinerary - we increase the number of culturally-accepting and respectful travelers - simply "tourists".
Beyond our tours and itineraries, we provide free travel tips, hacks and recommendations to all our travel club members. Join our club today for instant access!

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