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A Travel Guide: Discovering the Magic of Germany Christmas Markets

Updated: May 6

When people think about Europe during the wintertime, their imaginations are flooded with thoughts of snowy mountain tops in Switzerland, the cold and windy streets of London, or maybe the white and blue oceanside cliffs of Greece. But have you ever imagined what winter in Germany is like?

About 75% of Europeans celebrate Christmas in the winter months, so the beauty of these countries is only enhanced by the introduction of glistening lights, warm drinks and fun festivities during the holiday season.

Germany is known for their vibrant, family friendly Christmas Markets. These magical markets feature artisan foods, drinks, clothing, and other products for sale from local vendors - in wooden booths adorned with lights and evergreen garland. We truly believe Germany is the place to be for some heart-warming Christmas cheer. And you can't forget to grab yourself a glühwein while you're out there - it's tradition!

In this blog post, we'll uncover everything you need to know about exploring these markets for the first time.

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