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Travel through Europe on a Budget: FlixBus, Ryanair, Megabus, and other Cheap Transportation Options

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Raise your hand if you ever spent more than you needed to on a taxi or transportation in another country? *Raises hand*

It's okay and normal if you overpaid for transportation while you were on vacation, but let’s be honest. Those fees add up and often take you outside your trip budget (if you have one). You could be spending that money on other exciting things, like activities or food.

During my trip to Spain, I forgot to plan ahead for transportation from the airport to the downtown area (about 20 minutes away by car.) I ended up paying for a taxi that cost about 40 Euros ($48 U.S. dollars at the time).

Later on in my trip, I found out I could catch a bus instead for… guess how much? 12 Euros. If you want to check out some pictures from my trip, look here!

Sometimes you just want to explore a little bit more than your destination, and thankfully I went through trials to find the best ways to travel through Europe without breaking the bank.

With that being said, here are some budget friendly transportation companies, including airlines and bus systems, that I became familiar with during my travels in Europe during study abroad in college.

And if you have any other suggestions for reliable, budget-friendly companies, tell me in the comment section below.

Budget-friendly Transportation Companies in Europe

You can use Flixbus to travel almost everywhere in Europe. Each bus includes a restroom, AC, Wifi (usually), and depending on the length of your trip, frequent stops at gas stations and restaurants for breaks. Additionally, any luggage you bring is held securely at the bottom of the bus.

Fly anywhere in Europe for a super cheap price. Only downside to this airline is you're only allotted one carry-on bag and that's it. You can't check luggage on these flights because the planes are usually packed with passengers and smaller in size.

This is just like FlixBus, a super cheap, reliable bus system that travels through Europe and makes multiple stops along the way. These buses also have toilets on board and store your luggage securely below the carriage.

Honorable Mentions: Local Bus & Train Systems

When all else fails, use the local public transport systems! Most of them are safe and reliable all throughout Europe, just be mindful of countries that practice more conservative or supremacist attitudes towards people of darker skin tones and genders.


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