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Everything Americans Need To Know About The New ETIAS Travel Authorization for Europe

If you're a frequent traveler to Europe, and more specifically the Schengen Zone, you might have heard that there will be some new entry requirements put into place for American citizens who want to visit.

American citizens have been able to enter the Schengen Zone visa-free for short term stays (less than 90 days in 180 day period), and this is still the case, thankfully!

However, the European Union is implementing a new travel authorization called The European Travel Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS for short.

Starting in 2025, around 1.4 billion people from visa-exempt countries are required to have this travel authorization to enter most European countries for a short stay.

In this blog post, I'll break down everything American citizens need to know about the travel authorization.

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What is the ETIAS travel authorization?

ETIAS travel authorization is an entry requirement for visa-exempt nationals (yes, this includes American citizens) traveling to any of these 30 European countries.

Who is required to have an ETIAS authorization?

As a U.S. citizen, you are required to have an ETIAS authorization. You are exempt from this authorization if you are a dual citizen of the U.S. and a Schengen area country. For more information on who is exempt, visit

When will it go into effect?

The authorization will go into effect in the first half of 2025. An exact date has not been announced yet.

Where can I start filling out my application?

You can fill out your application on the ETIAS website or ETIAS mobile app once the authorization is in effect.

What do I need to fill out my application?

You'll need your passport. It should not expire within three months of travel and it should not be older than 10 years old.

How much does the authorization cost?

The ETIAS authorization costs 7 Euros. Your fee can be waived if you are: a dual citizen of the Schengen area; a direct descendent of a Schengen area citizen; or the spouse of a Schengen area citizen.

How long does the authorization last?

The ETIAS travel authorization is valid for three years or until your travel document you used in your application expires.

How long does the authorization take to process?

Typically, it will only take a few minutes to process. In some unique cases, a decision can come within four days. This waiting period could be extended by up to 30 days if you are requested to provide additional information or documentation, or if you are invited to an interview.

What if my application is refused?

If your application for an ETIAS travel authorization is refused, revoked or annulled, you will receive an email indicating the grounds for the refusal and the authority that took the decision.

You have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals are handled in accordance with the national law of those countries. Your email will receive instructions on how to appeal. If you revoke your authorization willingly, it is not possible to appeal.

Where can I learn more about the ETIAS Travel Authorization?

You can read more information from the official European Union website:


Hopefully this blog post helps you understand the new ETIAS travel authorization. Talk soon!


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