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Foods You Need To Try While Visiting San Jose, Costa Rica

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

One thing about me - I going to try all the local foods when I visit a new country. I recently went to Costa Rica and had some of the most delicious foods I've had in a while. The flavors ranged from sweet to spicy, creamy to bitter, and I enjoyed every bite. If you try any of these foods, let me know on Instagram! My favorite dish out of all these was the Cream of Pejibaye - scroll down to see it!

My stomach definitely hated me later on in the day after eating a few of these items, but it's well worth it! Read my blog post on treating Traveler's Diarrhea to see what I usually do after eating real good on vacation.

Chicken Casado from Soda Tapia

A staple dish in Costa Rica, you can find it almost anywhere, but Soda Tapia does it best!

Coffee from Anywhere

Costa Rica is known for their delicious coffee, which is naturally lower in caffeine than most other coffees.

Ice Cream from La Sorbetera de Lolo Mora

A specific style of ice cream only found at Lolo Mora in Central Mercado. This ice cream has been passed down from generation to generation, a must try while in San Jose.

Cream of Pejibaye Soup

Delicious, creamy and vegan! Made from the fruit of the Peach Palm tree only found in Costa Rica.

Cheese Tortilla

A simple, classic snack you can find in most places. Great for picky eaters because theres only 2 ingredients - corn & cheese!

Fish & Shrimp Ceviche

Costa Rica has a refreshing, less acidic take on classic ceviche.

Pork Meatball Casado from Cafe Rojo

A Vietnamese take on the traditional Costa Rican Casado. Be sure to use all the sauces provided. You won't be disappointed.

Chicken Enchiladas from Arenal Bongos

The cheese is mild in flavor but extremely creamy, probably the creamiest enchilada sauce I've ever had.

Which food looks the best to you? Would you try any of these foods? Don't forget to like & share this post with your travel friends and I'll talk to you you in the next blog post!


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