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6 Days in Costa Rica - An Unforgettable Group Trip With The Travel Tribe

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Kestra Jeri Travel Day 2 Visiting the Hot Springs of the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Wait... What is the Travel Tribe?

I'm so grateful to be part of a Tribe of people who are ready to explore the world and experience new cultures. In March of 2023, I went to Costa Rica with 3 other amazing women who were passport-ready and excited to see what this country had to offer us.

These women weren't just random people, they are part of the Travel Tribe. If you didn't know, the Travel Tribe is our in-house travel club focused on providing all-inclusive, culture-filled travel experiences around the world and Costa Rica was our first trip of 2023.

The Travel Tribe trusted Kestra Jeri Travel to not only keep them safe, but provide them an unforgettable experience, and we never take that for granted with any of our Travel Tribe group trips.

We created this travel club so that more people could experience other cultures without the hassle of planning everything. Plus, it's a great way to make new friends and see new places in a safe way.

Travel Tribe Group Trip Visiting a Festival in costa Rica Kestra Jeri Travel

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica was first up on the list of destinations this year, and for good reason! The stunning landscape is more than enough reason to take a break from the monotony of life and escape here, but beyond the flora and fauna, you can see that the culture is rich and heartwarming if you simply look past the resorts & beaches.

During this trip we got to see it all, from the active volcanoes and their hot springs, to the beautiful beaches and shorelines. I'm not sure which was my favorite, but I'm sure if you ask the Tribe they'll say the beach was top 2 and not 2!

A large part of Costa Rica's wildlife is protected, making sure that tourist respect the land and that these ecosystems can continue to thrive for years to come.

Waterfall in Costa Rica Day 2 of Group Trip Kestra Jeri Travel

The Travel Tribe Arrives

When the Tribe arrived in San Jose, we took a private ride into the city to our hotel and had a pretty chill first night in the city. I still remember their faces as I waited to pick them up from the airport arrivals area.

I felt their excitement and happiness to finally be on this adventure with me. And to make sure we started off with a bang, I got everyone a little welcome gift! (My love language is gifts and acts of service) Everybody loves gifts, and if they don't, they definitely love snacks and alcohol which were a few things the gift bag included.

I think me being there to greet the Tribe on arrival made all the difference. To me, that made an unfamiliar place a little less scary for them, knowing that someone you trust is there to greet you and welcome you to a new country (and continent!)

Group Dinner in San Jose Kestra Jeri Travel

The Best Parts of The Trip

It's hard to choose what moments were the best for me, because the entire experience was one to remember. BUT... if I have to pick a few moments that really stuck with me and the Travel Tribe it would be these.

1. Dia del Boyero Festival in San Jose de Escazu

Dia del Boyero Kestra Jeri Travel

Traditional Costa Rican Casado Dish Kestra Jeri Travel

3. Catamaran/Private Beach Day

Swinging on a Private Beach Kestra Jeri Travel

4. The Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica Kestra Jeri Travel

Reflecting on the Experience

I can wholeheartedly say that I'm so grateful for the Travel Tribe. Being able to learn about and experience Costa Rica with a group of people who are open to new (and someones uncomfortable) things is a blessing that I'll always cherish. It was bittersweet on the 6th day, when we packed our things, said goodbye to our hotel, and headed to the airport to return home.

The memories created during this trip will always be with me, and I now have new friends I know I can explore the world with - which is a gift a lot of people can't say they have. This trip was only the beginning of the Travel Tribe adventures, and I can't wait to share the next one with them, and maybe you too!

If you're getting FOMO from reading this post and want to join us on the next adventure, we want you there!

Join us in Costa Rica Spring 2024, all the details can be found here. I'll talk with you soon.


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