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Airline Review: jetBlue

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

There's a reason I keep flying jetBlue. I used to be a faithful Delta flyer, mostly because that is my family's preferred airline for domestic flights. But once I discovered jetBlue I was hooked and I don't see myself switching back anytime soon.

Delta also has some nice perks that you can't get on other airlines. If you want to know more about Delta airlines (and why it's so expensive to fly with them) check out my blog post on Delta Airlines (coming soon!)

Because I'm so familiar with jetBlue and I've flown over 20,000 miles with them, I have a pretty good sense of their strengths and weaknesses. So here's my real and honest review of jetBlue, and some insights you can use if you decide to fly with them on your next trip.

Checking In For My Flight : 10/10

jetBlue is elite status when it comes to mobile check-on on your phone. The airlines app is always working properly and even updates you on gate changes and delay. I've always been able to do mobile check-in with jetBlue, always.

Airport Desk Assistance : 10/10

In the rare occasion I need to attend the jetBlue help desk, they are always friendly and quick to respond to any questions or concerns.

Boarding the Flight : 10/10

I've experienced few delays with jetBlue, and boarding is always pretty quick even for economy class.

In-flight Service : 7/10

I've heard mixed reviews of service on jetBlue flights, and I think this aspect of your experience is heavily dependent on the flight crew you have that day. I also noticed that flights from New York have less friendly staff, but it might be a coincidence. Overall though, I haven't had any major complaints. I also haven't been wowed, so there's that too.

In-flight Entertainment : 4/10

Depending on the aircraft you're in, jetBlue offers games for passengers to enjoy. On average, you will not find any entertainment on these flights. Games, movies, and trivia are not amenities I've seen on jetBlue flights.

Complimentary Food & Drinks : 6.5/10

They do offer a small snack (like crackers or chips) and a soft drink on their flights, but the flight time needs to be at least 1.5 hours to enjoy this benefit. If the flight is too short, they won't send the flight attendants down to serve the cabin. You can buy other snacks and alcohol for an additional price, of course.

Seat Comfortability (Economy Class) : 6/10

My only complaint on jetBlue flights is the comfortability of the economy seats. You can't expect much because it is economy, but I think the under seat space is a little smaller than other airlines. I suggest you bring a neck pillow and blanket if you want to sleep on a jetBlue flight.

Luggage Care : 10/10

jetBlue has never lost any of my luggage or seriously damaged my things. However, I do have a hard cover Samsonite suitcase, so something high quality like this can survive the toughest trips. You can purchase the one I have here.

Plane Cleanliness : 8/10

Everything was clean and prepared for my flight from the previous trip. No complaints here.

Hopefully these insights can help you make an informed decision when booking your next trip with jetBlue, and you be the judge on whether they are the best airlines in the U.S.


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