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Airlines Review: Singapore Airlines

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I'll be honest. I purchased a ticket to Bali through Singapore Airlines without ever flying with them before. I know. It sounds risky.

Of course, I used my expertise in traveling to make an informed choice on my airline, but still. You never fully know until you try the airline for yourself.

So with that being said, here is my completely real and raw review of Singapore Airlines - from boarding the plane to collecting my baggage. This is based on my first experience which was a long haul flight (about 20 hours 1-way, with 2 layovers in between).

Singapore Airlines Review

Checking In For My Flight : 7/10

Singapore Airlines did not open their airline desk, where you drop off luggage and get printed tickets, until 4 hours before the departure of the flight. If you arrive earlier, you will have to wait for the desk to open. Also, you could not get a virtual version of your ticket on your phone. All plane tickets had to be collected at the Airline desk. Not a great start to the experience.

Airport Desk Assistance : 9/10

Once they arrived, they were extremely helpful and caring to my luggage. She made sure nothing of value was inside, and if so, they would out fragile tape around it. Great redemption for not opening the desk early.

Boarding the Flight : 10/10

I had 4 flights with Singapore Airlines during my entire trip. Half of them boarded quickly and took off early. The other two boarded late, but still left in a reasonable time. No complaints.

In-flight Service : 10/10

Complementary headphones, unlimited blankets and pillows, 3-4 meals and snacks, juice, water, coffee AND wine? All included at no extra cost? This was the best in flight service I've had in Economy. Period.

In-flight Entertainment : 8/10

There was a wide range of categories for Movies but not a lot of TV show options. There were also games, but it was difficult to play them because the screen did not tilt away from the seat. This makes it a little more difficult to tap and engage with.

They did have Girl's Trip though, so brownie points from me. I usually stick to playing the flight overview map on the screen when I'm not watching a movie.

Complimentary Food & Drinks : 10/10

Every single meal I had on the plane was delicious. From lamb curry to seafood fried rice - Singapore Airlines did what needed to be done. Because my flight was a long haul, we had 2 full meals and 2 snack breaks. Top that off with complementary wine and I had everything I needed with no extra charge.

Seat Comfortability (Economy Class) : 8/10

It's Economy Class so there's only so much room, but I was lucky to not have a full flight on any of my flights. This meant no one was sitting next to me and I had extra room to stretch out and get comfortable. If I didn't have that though, this rating would probably be a 6 instead of an 8.

Luggage Care : 9/10

All my luggage arrived on-time, unopened, and dent free. I think that's all I need for my luggage so no complaints there. I always hope the unloaders bring the bags out quicker than they normally do, but that's just me being impatient. I'm always happy when my luggage isn't lost. You can always avoid this though by doing carry-on only. Read my blog post to see how you can pack a carry-on!

Plane Cleanliness : 9/10

Everything was clean and prepared for the next group. They even had sanitary covers on the headrests for your hair. No complaints here either.

I hope this information encourages you to try out Singapore Airlines for any future flights to Asia and Europe. You be the judge if they're the best airline in Asia!

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