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About Kestra Jeri Travel
I'm the person who knows how to find unforgettable vibes and cultural experiences anywhere in the world. You know that one friend you have who's always traveling somewhere and posting pictures of their trip? That's me. Except the difference is... Read my story.

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Get real-time travel inspiration as I explore the world with the Travel Tribe and share the experience with my followers. On this side of the internet, we dive into local culture and explore beyond the resorts!

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Read the blog, KesTravels!
Never miss any of my blog posts, where I drop lots of travel gems, hacks and my go-to items for any adventure. Did you see my last blog post?  Read it here!


Check out Past Trips!

Take a look at my previous trips to see snapshots of the experiences, the vibes and my favorite highlights from each location. If you want the juicy details, read my blog. 

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