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Customized Travel Planning

Your time is invaluable, and it take a lot to design an extraordinary trip from start to finish. If you want a list of recommendations that don’t take your personal preferences into account, you can ask the internet and receive hundereds of suggestions.

My Solution: Personalized travel services that are hand-crafted just for you, using my years of globe-trotting to provide thoughtful travel consulting. 

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Personalized Service

Expertise You Can Trust

Cultural Experiences

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or just setting off on your first adventure, I make sure you feel confident and secure in your travel plans before you even pack your bags.  I take your wishlist that you can’t quite articulate and turn it into a checkbox of accomplishments that will thrill you.

With a decade of travel experience and a network of trusted global partners, I curate trip suggestions carefully as if they were my own.  I’ve lived and worked in two continents. You can rest assured that the vetted, trusted partners I use will respect your time and investment as sincerely as I do myself.

I go beyond the resort and beach experience, and help you dive into the local culture of your destination. No matter what country you visit, you'll leave your vacation with memories and experiences you can't get anywhere else in the world.

How We Curate Your Perfect Experience

Step 1: Get to know you!
At the start of your appointment, I'll find out more about your trip, your travel preferences, your concerns, and anything else that I need to know to create the best trip for you. My goal is to be an expert in you – to know what you like, dislike and surprise you along the way.

Step 2: Hands-On Trip Curating
Once I get a clear picture of what you need, we'll begin working on your specialized itinerary - outlining specific activities to do, places to eat, and things to enjoy while you're on vacation. Plus, I'll connect you with some of my trusted partners so you know you'll be receiving top-rated care.

Step 3: Have an unforgettable trip!
I'll send you a copy of the itinerary we create together within 48 hours with all my suggestions based on your preferences. If your trip plans change or you need extra time to discuss trip details, book another session with me! 

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