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Best Airlines For International Travel on a Budget

Updated: May 31, 2023

Part of my mission in sharing travel tips and recommendations is to provide people who want to travel on a budget with options to explore the world.

I remember when I first started my world travels, I didn't necessarily know the best places to find deals on hotels, flights, activities, transportation... basically I overpaid for everything and just went with the vibes.

You can easily spend thousands of dollars, especially on a flight, when you travel internationally. But there are a few airlines that consistently provide competitive prices and good customer service for international flights from the United States. This information is based off my experiences, and doesn't dictate what your experience may be with these airlines.

Best Airlines for International Travel in Economy Class


Pros: low prices compared to competitors, 1 carry-on item and personal item included, complimentary snacks and soft drinks, good customer service, free wifi on select flights, seatback entertainment on select flights

Cons: $35 per checked bag, small seats with minimal recline


Pros: lots of flights available (900+ fleet), seatback entertainment on select flights, complimentary snacks and soft drinks, 1 personal item included

Cons: higher prices compared to competitors, frequent cancellations or delays at major airports (JFK, MIA, etc.),


Pros: free wifi in all cabins on select flights, low prices compared to competitors, 1 personal item included

Cons: $5-10 carry-on fee, poor communication on additional fees and charges (via social media), average customer service ratings


Pros: cheap direct flights with no layovers, complimentary snacks, soft drinks, and wine, great customer service, unlimited pillows and blankets on long hauls

Cons: direct flights limited to select airports from the U.S.

If you want more information on luxury airline options for international travel, like this post and leave a comment on the airlines you're interested in hearing more about. Talk soon!


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