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How To Check a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Bugs gross me out and I don’t even like thinking about there potentially being a bug in my bed. However, as a responsible and aware traveler, I know bedbugs are a real threat you can encounter if you’re not careful and tentative to your living accommodations in other countries.

Checking for bed bugs literally takes 2 minutes and is so simple once you know what to look for. So in the future, anytime you stay at a hotel (or a friend's house– the shade) make sure you do these simple steps to protect you and your home.

If you prefer videos, watch this short clip where I explain how to check a hotel room for bed bugs.

How To Efficiently and Effectively Check Your Hotel for Bed Bugs

1. Pull back the entire comforter and top sheet (like you’re ripping it off your younger sibling).

Bed bugs like dark, warm places, so sometimes if you quickly pull the sheets back you can find them sitting right underneath the sheets.

2. Remove the mattress cover from the corner of the bed and check for red or dark brown spots.

This is the main area where bed bugs like to chill because it’s always warm, and it’s always dark. If there are bed bugs in your bed, you will always see dots that look like dirt in this area.

3. Look closely at the lip of the mattress to see if there are any bugs.

Once you remove the mattress cover you should be able to see and touch the mattress. Check for spots here as well.

And that’s literally it. Super easy, and super effective in detecting bed bugs at a hotel.

If you see bugs, red or brown spots in any of these areas, contact the hotel staff immediately and inform them of your find. They should move you to another room, and make sure you check for bugs in your new room, too.

If you use these tips, just thank me later and tell me in the comments if you’ve ever found bed bugs at your hotel. This is a safe space to share.


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