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Is Group Travel For You? 7 Tips on Finding The Right Trip & Group For You!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

When the lockdown from Covid-19 finally ended and the world started opening back up, people were dying to leave the house and get back to living life. Interest in traveling spiked like crazy in 2021, because people were so tired of being at home with nothing to do for a whole year. (I'm sure we all felt that pain.)

Some people finally felt the urge to leave the country, but actually never done it before and wouldn't know where to start. Others were already waiting to book a trip but have friends that are never ready and always flake out at the last minute. I think a lot of people just wanted to travel without the stress of planning anything and all the enjoyment - that was missed for an entire year!

No matter what type of travel persona you were after lockdown, group travel is something you should consider! The benefits from group travel range depending on the group you join, but one things for sure, you will always have companions with you to enjoy the adventures no matter what group travel organization you join. And of course - there's safety in numbers!

Before jumping into a trip though, it's important that you find the right group & trip for your needs, so it doesn't turn out to be a bad experience for you! Some things are out of your control when you travel, but here are 7 things you should consider to determine if a trip or group is the right one for you.


7 Tips on Finding the Right Group Travel Organization

Recognize You Goal in Traveling

Are you trying to relax, have an exciting adventure, learn about history, indulge in new cultures, or just shop and drink cocktails? Is it a combination of these things?

You need to be aware of what kind of experience you want and what you're looking to gain from your travels, so you're not signing up for an action-packed trip when you really just wanted to lay on the beach and sleep all day.

Remember Your Non-negotiables

What are you unwilling to be flexible with? Do you want your own room & bathroom or are you willing to share with other people on the trip you may not know? Do you have a special diet/medicine regime or are you going to forego it while on traveling? Do you need ADA accommodations?

If you have non-negotiables for your trip, make sure you'll be accommodated by reading the itinerary and clearly communicating your needs with the organizing company.

Get to know the Trip Host/Organizers

Where did you hear about this trip/group? Do you know someone or can you reach out to someone who has attended a trip with the organizing company?

Try sending an email or direct message to the company so you're able to gauge their customer service and attitude towards potential trip-goers. This is also a great way to get any unanswered questions you have resolved.

Study the Full Itinerary

If you can't read and understand the trip itinerary in full, don't make any purchases!

I recommend you only commit to a trip once you have a very good understanding of everything you'll be doing on the trip, where you'll be staying, etc.. If all your questions aren't answered from the itinerary alone, reach out to the organizing company!

Know Your Health Limitations

Do you take medication regularly that will affect your health during this trip if missed? Are you physically able to participate in certain activities?

Make sure you keep these things in mind. They don't mean you can attend the trip or have a good time, but when you understand your limitations, you can prevent any contradictory or unrealistic expectations based on your own capabilities. If you think it's something that can be worked around, you guessed it, talk to the organizing company!

Understand Who Else May Attend

Are you looking for an all-female or all male travel group? Do you only want to be around a certain age group?

By looking at the itinerary, you should be able to see what type of person could potentially attend this trip and make you own decisions on signing up or finding a different trip that fits your criteria.

Learn the Destination

Even if the organizing company is all-inclusive and does ALL the work for you, look up the destination! Learn about the place you'll be visiting.

Some organizations like mine will give you cultural lessens about the destination before the trip, but it's not a guarantee, so make sure you're prepared on your side.

Hopefully these tips can help you find the right group travel organization, and don't forget to check out my group trips!


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