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Should You Pick The Window or Aisle Seat on the Plane?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

When you're planning a trip and you're finally ready to book your flight, one of the most important decisions you can make that could dictate the quality of your flying experience is where you sit on the plane. It sounds dramatic, but its 100% true. It's the reason why first class and business class cost exponentially different. It's also the reason why window seats fill up quicker than aisle seats or middle seats. I mean, you can't capture those breathtaking sunset photos from the plane when you're in the aisle. Just saying!

I've talked to a lot of people about where they prefer to sit on the plane: aisle or window seat. Nobody ever says the middle seat (because nobody want to be squished between two strangers on a plane), so I'm leaving those out of the conversation today. Below I'm breaking down the pros and cons of the Window and Aisle Seat based on my and others' experiences. You may have a different opinion, but use these insights below to help guide your future seat selection when you book a flight.

The Window Seat


- Control of the window shade and light being let in

- The View (DUH!)

- You can rest or sleep against the window

- More secluded area and feels a little more private

- There's little to no one walking past you like the aisle seat

- You don't have to get up for other people to use the bathroom


- Harder to leave your seat freely and might have to ask 1-4 other people to get up before you can

- Less room to move around, you're stuck between a human and a wall.

- You have to reach over other people to get anything from the flight crew (food, drinks, blankets, headphones, etc.)

The Aisle Seat


- You have easier access to the aisle for the bathroom, attendant services, etc.

- There's extra arm/leg space on the aisle side, as long as people or the carts aren't coming by

- If you need something from your carry-on, you can easily access the overhead bins and get your luggage

- You may have an adjustable arm on the aisle side, depending on the airline

- If you're chatty or sitting with strangers, you have the ability to talk to people in other aisles without disturbing anyone else


- This is a busier place to sit due to people walking past you frequently

- The attendant carts are rolled right next to you and could hit your feet and legs (Fun Fact: Attendant Carts are the 2nd leading cause for injuries on a plane)

- No View

- You have to get up for people in your aisle whenever they need to leave their seat.

Which seat do you prefer on the plane? Tell me in the comment section, and don't forget to like and share this post with your travel friends!


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